Sunday, February 14, 2010

GO Canada!!!

GOLD!!! Yes, our first Gold for 2010 Olympics!!! Whoo Woo!!

I like watching the Olympics, about the only time I ever watch sports. I enjoy both summer and winter Olympics and am Proud that my country and Province are hosting this years winter games! But I haven't always been happy about this fact... I have hated how much money has gone into these games, hated the bureaucracy behind it all and even more I hate the companies/sponsors involved. But now that the athletes are now competing, I have put those feeling of hatred away and am now cheering for my Country! GO CANADA!!

I keep waiting for things to slow down but life just keeps getting in the way. Most of the time its a good busy that going on. I have said no and limited what I have to give to others, so I am not over whelmed.

Anna has been doing awesome with Holly, the speech pathologist. Anna has slowed down her speech and most people understand her now. Holly wants to tackle Anna's lisp soon, usually they wait till kids are older but Holly is confidant in Anna and hopes to get most of her issues sorted before school starts in the fall. We will be going to Children's Hospital in April for Anna's 6 month check up.

Ivy has been doing well, her ego hasn't grown too much from her debut as a singer. She is doing very well in school, they have started the dreaded spelling tests, so far she is enjoying them, hopefully she won't be like her mom and grandmother, we hate spelling/English! Everyday Ivy can read a little bit more, she is doing awesome! She does get frustrated easily but accordingly to her teacher she never shows it at school, she saves all the moaning and crying for home, lucky us! Ivy has lost interest in Japanese dance, I don't know how I'm going to tell Taki that we want to drop it, if we could get more girls to join then I'm sure she would want to keep doing it.

Mike's Dad came over on Saturday and helped fix our leaking roof, it's not pretty but it will thing dry till we can re-roof. Mike is so upset that all the time and money he put into the portion of the roof last summer has failed. Mike has been working 6 days a week lately, he so over worked, then he comes home and the girls ask him to fix this toy or that. He is so tired of fixing things and is looking forward to spring break up.

Another week starts tomorrow, Thursday seems to be my only relaxing day....well Friday too but then I have to referee the girls all day. I have pictures to post but they will have to wait for another time. I have noticed a lot of overseas visitors, Welcome! I am always curious how people find their way to my blog, weather it is random or followed a link here, please let me know! Thanks.

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