Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BA meeting

"It's plan B!!"

Mike and I attended a meeting in RC tonight that was organized by parents who have had enough of all the Bull Shit that the School Board and Ministry has been hand down to us lately. Boundary Alliance-BA (might be BAC but I do not know what the C stands for...) wants parents to be aware of situations, have information about what the school board discusses, act as one group and make the board realise that their decision are not always right and they effect ALOT of people.

They/we do not want the BA to be another committee with Presidents and secretaries, they/we want it to be an open forum where everyone has a voice and a vote. It's not Mob mentality, they/we want information and help influence the boards decisions. As several people stated, we do not want it to be -Us vs Them- but rather everyone communicating with everyone else.

I'm not sure how involved I want to be but I do want to help and will try to go to more meetings, there needs to be a change... it won't happen overnight but hopefully over the next year or so it will start!

It was a good meeting but long, had to drive to RC after dinner, Mike met us at his Parents after work. S&K looked after the girls, it was after 10pm by the time they went to bed. I hope Ivy will be alive come morning and not a zombie!

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