Monday, February 22, 2010

Sewing time!

With encouragement from my girls, I have been sewing again. Not much but enough to keep the creative juices flowing!
Ivy brought home some quilt patches and insisted I make a quilt, so on the weekends I've been working on that... no pictures yet, it's a surprise!
I also have been working on this pillowcase for Anna's pillow she got from uncle Ben. (Ivy and I did one for her pillow but can't seem to find pictures of it.)
I initially was just sewing and cutting scraps from Baby Cam's quilt and came up with a spider web design, I sewed on a heart and then it sat for a few months.

Then I got some cool fabric and started messing around with it again. I had it all sewed up and then Mike said it needed a spider.

Anna chose the material for the spider, I wanted purple but she wanted her favorite, Black!Spider is just sewn on with the zigzag stitch, quick and easy.

Anna Loves the love bug backing.
This is where all those creative juices come together, material and cutting board thrown onto the bed...
and the cluttered sewing desk in the corner of my room.
And the magical sewing machine from the 60's,
plain Jane but sturdy and strong!
Ivy came home from school so I am editing to adding this picture of the two pillowcases, I think they represent the girls: Ivy is straight laced and organized; Anna is wild and lovable!

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