Friday, April 30, 2010

Somewhat Blahh

Yup, I'm still not healthy.
I felt almost better after our Vancouver trip but on Saturday I started feeling worse.
Monday evening, after Ivy's baseball practice, my ear started to hurt. It was popping, aching and then stabbing pain. I had a Hot neo-citron and some Tylenol and went to bed. In the morning I could barely hear out of my right ear but the pain was minimal. I suffered thought that day and night and first thing Wednesday I went to the Doc.
He gave me a script for antibiotics and said it was real bad, if it doesn't clear up after the meds then I have to go back to him and he'll set up an appointment for tubes. Momma!! Waahhh, I don't want more surgery!

I have been riding a nice high from the Great appointment Anna had at Children's but it was shattered yesterday. The Dietitian called to say she was looking more closely at Anna's height records and noticed that she didn't grow enough for this visit.... Say Wha?? ... She wanted to know why... ?
How I'm I supposed to know why Anna didn't grow!! She could have a growth spurt next week for all I know! Most of the women on Mike's side are petite!
The Doctors have never been concerned with her height, they have wanted to know her weight more than anything else, geesh! This has me so frustrated!!

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