Monday, April 19, 2010

Belated Easter post

This post it late but our actually Easter was celebrated on the correct weekend.
Anna says "Thanks you Gramma Cindy" for the nice card and stickers. Ivy says thanks too but I forgot to take her picture. They both loved receiving mail with their own name on it!
While I was getting dressed for Easter, Ivy grabbed my glasses and tried them on. We thought she looked silly and cute! A glimpse into her future if she takes after Mike and I...

Easter dinner was at the In-laws, the usual Hungarian Easter fare, Big pot of ham, sausage and eggs all boiled together. Afterwards the Easter bunny made a quick run threw the yard and left behind some eggs for the girls to find.
Rupert helping Anna search a flower bed.
That tricky Bunny hides eggs everywhere!
Ivy was quite pleased with the eggs she found
Grandma K taking Anna's picture
"No Ivy! This is my spot!!"
Uncle Ben even had his own basket! How cute!
The Easter Bunny was thoughtful enough to fill the eggs with Jelly Beans, Gummi Rabbits and Gummi fruit slices. The girls loved them all, only I missed the chocolate eggs/bunnies.
For dessert the girls and I made Jello ice cream squares but with So Good vanilla Frozen treat so that Anna could enjoy them as well. And we made peanut butter Rice Krispies eggs dipped in Dairy free Chocolate, they were a huge hit! Not sure if I'd make them again though, hard to shape into eggs, messy!
On Good Friday we dyed eggs with Ashley (Mike's friend Corey's teen daughter) All 3 girls had a blast. Actually the whole weekend was a blast, even with the colds the girls had, it didn't stop them for enjoying themselves!

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