Monday, June 7, 2010

Baseball Vent

I'm upset for my daughter, Ivy. The baseball season was such a let down for her. To only have played one regular game all season and then only game at the tournament really sucks!

Because one town/team didn't have enough members it left big gaps in the schedule for Saturday's tournament, and on the schedule it stated it was up to the coaches if these gaps stayed or if times were moved up. I asked our coach, Nicole, if we could ask the other team but all she did was ask our last year coach if we should and they both decided not to ask... I was irked but it was not my place to push.

So, our first game ended at 11am and the next was scheduled for 1pm, I double checked with Nicole and she confirmed. Our family then went to Mike's Grandma's for lunch instead of eating out at the concession. Did I mention the Mike's whole family came to watch Ivy play ball... After lunch, 12:30pm we went back to the ballpark to find it almost empty! My friend said they had just finished playing...What!?! Not 5 minutes after we had left the other teams coach came and asked if they could play now instead of 1pm. I was so upset at our coach for not asking earlier. So our WHOLE family was disappointed.

One Mother did try to get a hold of us but not the coach, The coach's husband came over to let us know what happened but he didn't apologise to Ivy. I am mostly pissed at Nicole for not owning up to her folly and for sending her husband in her place. Even this morning at the bus stop another father came and explained what happened and HE at least said sorry to Ivy.

Saturday at the ball field, Ivy didn't seem to care that there was no other game, even the car ride home she was indifferent but when we got home she had a melt down. She cried and cried and wanted to know why! I felt so bad for her. I wonder if it took the 20 min for it to sink in or whether she just held it in till she was home either way she was hurt by the whole thing. She didn't miss a practice, she wanted to play so badly. I didn't know how to explain it to her other than this was just one of life's disappointments that we have no control of (people/weather/illness), sometimes people let you down.

I couldn't stay home after that and I had to make her happy so I convinced Mike to hook up the trailer and we went camping over night, did us all good to get away for abit.

Hopefully Ivy will still be in a good mood when she comes home from school.


german in pdx said...

I am so sorry...I hope Ivy feels better by now.

Lovely Leslie said...

Thanks Beate, She seemed to be fine when she came home, Hasn't talked about it. Hopfully she'll want to play next year.