Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Camping

Before I get to the camping photos I want to share a cute little story of my girls.
The other night the girls were in quite the mood, constantly bickering and screaming. Mike and I were so upset that we sent the girls to bed without their bedtime story. Ivy was very upset and cried for a long time, she loves her stories. About 30 mins later Ivy comes out of her room asking to sleep in our bed, as she didn't want to stay in her bed. Mike told her no. She then asked to sleep on the sofa, again Mike said no because I was in the living room. She then asked to sleep with Anna...We were shocked, with all their fighting she would want to be that close to her sister. Mike said it would be ok as long as Anna allowed it and, again to our amazement, Anna mumbled yes (she was half asleep) and made room for her big sister. An hour later I took this picture, they slept that way all night long! I am still in shock.

Camping! Yes, I love camping with our trailer, we are still getting used to it but it's getting better. Here are some random shots of our overnight trip up Bull Lake.

The weekend after we spent 2 nights at Marshal lake. The weather was horrible: windy, cold, snow, hail, and frost. But the last morning was super sunny and warm, made it all worth it. Someone and made a raft that was tied to land with 50 foot rope, Mike was brave enough to try it out, and soon after Ivy joined him (with life jacket!) to try some fishing.

Ivy really enjoyed herself, sadly no fish were caught. Anna was so worried about them being on the raft, most of the time she was pulling them in with the rope.
As evening was drawing in we left the raft behind and walked around the lake, Mike the girls would cast their lines in hope of catching a fish. After awhile, Ivy and I grew tired and walked back to camp. When we were across the lake from the others we heard Anna scream out with excitement.
Ivy and I knew she caught something!
And soon after a very proud Dad and daughter came back with this little trout.
Anna was happy but a little worried because it was still flopping about.
Ivy was not jealous, which surprised me, she was happy for her sister and glad someone had caught something.
The next night back at home Mike fried up the trout for Anna.
She enjoyed it alot! (I was surprised again!) And she even shared with her sis which made Mike and I so happy.

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german in pdx said...

Lovely pictures :) - We love camping as well. It looks like you had a fantastic time