Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miss Smarty Pants!!

Yesterday was Awards day at Ivy school.
Mike, Anna and I went to cheer on Ivy and her classmates, we knew everyone would get an award and we're curious what Ivy's would be.
The Teacher, Miss S, gave out awards for best story teller, neatest printer, most helpful, and other "nice" awards but Ivy didn't get anythings.... Next came the awards for best math, reading and Art etc and still Ivy did not get anything... we were getting worried.
Then came the last and Highest award for her grade, Top Academic Achievement and Ivy Won it!!!!!
Here is Ivy with Miss S. and Principal T.

Ivy sitting with some classmates, waiting for the awards to begin.

During the year we record what books the kids are read or read themselves and if they get over 100 books then they get a reading club T-shirt. Ivy got one, as most of her class did.

And the top 5 readers got an extra gift of a goody bag full of books! Ivy was one of these 5 with 285 books! Her friend Jacob got tops with 530+!!

I was also recognized for all my volunteer work through out the year: being on PAC, hot lunches, and running the snack shack. The kids all signed a big card and I got a gift voucher for a local store!

Cousin Sylvia found her way through all the parents to come sit with us, She was excited to tell us she was coming to this school next year... we already knew this, as she will be in Anna's class.

A finally shot of Ivy and Miss S. I really hope she keeps her position as K/1 teacher for next year, Anna will benefit from being her student!
And now we wait through the summer and prepare ourselves for having 2 school age kids, Kindergarten and Grade 2!!


Jamie said...

Ivy is so smart. I'm so impressed. Clearly it's all thanks to my special attention when we are out for a visit, or you guys come here. only kidding. I am very impressed though. top academic. great job.

Lovely Leslie said...

Thanks Jamie! I'll let Ivy know that her Aunt is impressed, she'll love it!!