Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

For Father's Day Mike wanted to have a family camping trip, and his Mother has been wanting to go to the hot springs for several years now, so we planned a weekend trip to Nakusp Hot springs and Campground!
The weekend was filled with many emotional ups and downs for everyone, but for the most part it was wonderful.
Grandma P and Uncle F drove their 5th wheel to Nakusp early Friday morning. Then K&S came and got the girls in the afternoon and Mike and I were to follow 2 hours later but Mike ended up working late so we didn't leave our place till 6:30 pm. The trip took over 4 hours, so we were very late getting to the campground.
I took this shot on the drive up, we had stopped for a pit stop. The moon looked eerie glowing through the old burned trees.

Our camp spot.

The in-laws spot with ours in the background.

The family went for many walks along the hiking trails, for some reason they always left me behind to make the meals or to have naps (the girls didn't sleep well, so neither did I)

Mike, Klara, Ivy, Anna and the dogs posing by the old foundations of the first hot springs.

The girls enjoying the Hot springs pool.

Sister and Brother, K and F.

Anna waiting for something...

Ivy did really well in the pool, after a day she was starting to swim with very little help of the floats.

Anna's wait is over, her Grandma K came to help her.

A happy shot of Mike and I, our first in a long time...since our wedding day maybe...

On the drive home, Sunday, we stopped in Silverton at the Outdoor Mining Museum.

Mike loved all the old machines.

Ivy loved reading the pamphlet and teaching us about each machine.

Anna, K and puppy Molly exploring.

Ivy and me.
The drive home was fast and we all didn't want the weekend to end. Since then Ivy and Anna have been on and off sick with flu and head cold, then they past it along to their daddy who is still sick. Hopefully everyone will get healthy so we can go camping again.... but not with the in-laws.... at least for awhile!

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