Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer so far...

I've been rather neglectful of my blog, too much to do and not enough time.
So instead of vacuuming and packing for our vacation I shall update the world on whats been happening with my little family.

On one of our weekend camping trips, we were exploring an unused logging road and came across this cute abandoned cabin.
The girls have been enjoying life. Here they were visiting the neighbours and insisted on having a picture taken.

My Brother Rob and his fiance Jamie and son Cam came for an overnight visit. Rob, Cam and the girls enjoyed the pool for awhile. Sorry no pictures of Cam in the pool but he did have a blast!

I was surprised how nimble he was with the trike, I predict he will get one for X-mas (hint, hint grandma)

Rob, Ivy and Anna.

Cam was a bit upset he could not go back in the pool nor climb the tree fort, I love his expression (click for bigger photo)

Anna, mid splash!

I was totally freaked out by this guy, I spotted it from across the room, trying to make a home with a bag of quilting and cross-stitching supplies. Mike wanted to take a picture before he shooed it out the window, if it was up to me it would be dead, they can stay outside but don't invade my territory! Mike's big thumb makes the spider look smaller then it actually was, trust me it was scary huge!

As I posted before, the newest cousin has arrived. Little baby Jacob, he's very cute.
Big brother Danny doesn't seem too impressed by the new baby, Yup it's another baby. David has been having a hard time adjusting though, his parents didn't prepare him, he's been smacking the baby and throwing many tantrums. Reaffirms mine and Mike's decision to only have 2 kids.

This past Sunday we went to an old gravel pit so Mike could put some rounds through his 50 caliber black powder rifle. The girls loved exploring.
Mike is priming the rifle, putting some black powder in the pan.

"Fire in the hole!" BOOOOM!
Love this shot with the smoke and the dust cloud behind the target

A typical dinner lately, the girls would rather talk and goof off instead of eating *sigh* but they are cute!

We've been going to the city park after supper when it cools down. Anna loves the Merry-go-round.

And my monkey Mike got the girls to climb the trees.

But they couldn't climb as high as he.

Tree hugger Anna!
Peek-a-boo Ivy!
I guess it's back to packing and cleaning for me. We'll be camping for a week and a bit, so expect lots more pictures with the next post too. Ta ta!

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