Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time flies!

August already! Where the heck has 2010 gone?!

Obviously I survived the day of babysitting the cousins. Luckily David slept for a few hours when he got here and Sylvia napped in the afternoon. Mike dropped Ivy off at Gr. P's on the way to work so that was one less kid and Anna seemed to be on her (next to) best behaviour. I haven't been over to see the new baby yet, I wanted to make sure M was healed so she doesn't ask me to look after the kids again.... that sounds bad but everyone who has met these kids will know why I have this attitude.

This past weekend was fun filled. Friday night was a surprise party for our neighbour, over 50 people, great music, and even better food! It was cut short because of rain but we were there for a few hours and the girls were ready for bed afterwards.

Saturday we went to the pool for Ivy's friend's birthday party. It was a little frustrating because the girls were acting like they had never been in a pool before, clinging to our necks and screaming about being in the water! But towards the end, they relaxed and had lots of fun and didn't want to get out and go home!

Sunday, we were invited to another neighbours surprise party but I didn't want to go and convinced Mike to leave town for the day, we ended up taking his parents to Rossland to visit his Grandmother. it was a lovely trip and everyone (kids and S) were in good moods. We did some shopping and got to visit Derek too.

Holiday Monday we relaxed at home and did very little!!

I wish I had photos to share but we can't seem to find the camera.... actually I should look in the trailer... I also forgot to post that my Brother Rob and his little family were out last week, overnight. Baby Cam is getting to be a real boy, lol I'll have to start calling him little Cam instead of Baby. There was lots of talk about their upcoming wedding, the girls will be flower girls so we have to find some matching dresses in blue and cream.

Oh and I got new glasses today! I don't like the clip on shades but I love the anti-glare coating on the glasses, I'm not squinting as much. Can't wait to see how much my night driving improves.

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