Friday, September 3, 2010

3030 km in 40 hours...Vacation part 1

Wow, I didn't know we covered that much ground! But over 10 days it doesn't seem as much. It's nice to be home but we all wish we could have travelled more, next year we'll try for 2 weeks or more!
Our vacation started August 19th, we hooked up the trailer and drove to my Dad's in the Cariboo. Usually the drive take 6-7 hours but this time it took over 9hours, we had some pit stops but mainly the truck had a hard time pulling the hills with the trailer. We will be shopping for a new truck this fall/spring.
Anyhow, we spent 2 nights at my Dad's and we also went to the Ranch and lake. The girls love the lake, they didn't swim this time as it was a chilly day but they played on the beach, collected shells and feathers and we all enjoyed the scenery and wildlife.
My Dad showed up this awesome hornet's nest on his barn wall, notice how they built it around a hose and under the slate in the wall. Incredible little builders!

The ranch house from the back, it was not foggy that day, it was smoke! There was some huge fires around Williams Lake.
The girls and I looking for shells.
Mike rescued this huge dragonfly out of the creek with a goose feather.
4 cranes in flight. They were following a pack of geese.
The cranes landed in the field across the creek.
Relaxing and playing on the beach.

The girls loved playing on the stack of square bales while Mike and Dad loaded up the pick-up truck.

We could have stayed longer at Dad's but we were anxious to continue with our travels. Next stop Barkerville!
To be continued...

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