Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never a dull moment..

Life has been on the verge of being hectic!

This past weekend we drove to Calgary to attend my younger brother Rob's wedding to Jamie. It was beautiful! A bit stressful but still enjoyable. I have to hunt down the camera so I can share. The girls were wonderful as flower girls, the dresses were lovely!

Monday I was rushing around getting the school's welcome back BBQ ready, they were expecting 200 people and we had around 300! Way more people then when the other school hosts it! A huge pat on my back for convincing them to switch it to our school!

After the BBQ was the first PAC meeting. I was a bit surprised the 2 nasty women that made my (and others) life hell last year didn't even have the courtesy to show up. Principal said they would show the new members what their duties were but when I asked one about it, she said no! the nerve! Anyhow, I was also overwhelmed by how many people wanted me to be the PAC Chairperson, I can only hope I can live up to their expectations.

The classroom sizes have been a big issue with parents and teacher. Anna's class has 16 kindergartens and 10 grade 1's. Too many for our district's policy and too many hyper K's for one teacher *all day* along with trying to teach grade 1's. The principal asked the School board to hire a new teacher for the 1's and some 2's BUT the board's decision was to take 5 gr 1's and stick them with the 2/3 class...! WHAT!! No parent I have talked to likes that idea one Iota! Something needs to be done, We are arranging a parenting meeting for tomorrow and we are going to go after the school board!

Arg, I just got an e-mail from the PAC's ex-secretary (nasty woman) so now I have problems to solve, Joy of joys!

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