Friday, January 7, 2011

December in Review

As everyone who is close to us know, December is very busy month for my Family. I apologise for no updates for the month of December but here it all is, better late than never, eh?!
Christmas School Concert
Not the best photos, as the gym was FULL but some shots of the girls none the less.
Here is Anna, (center front) this is the only smile I could get, she was very nervous and kept searching the crowd for us, I had to go to the front to let her know we were there and then she relaxed and sang with her class.
Ivy (Center w/pink scarf) was too busy directing her classmates for me to get a good pic, this is the best I got. She sure belted out the songs thou, we could pick up her voice over the others.
Near the end the girls were close together, Ivy saw usand waved but Anna is still searching, notice her expression.
This is both schools together K-3 & 4-7 (and many parents heads, lol)
Every year the School Board does a Christmas card contest and each school has 3 winners. These are MES's winners; Wyatt, IVY!! and Vance with the principal
Anna's Birthday!
The last day of school was also Anna's B-day, that night it was just the 4 of us and we had cupcakes and family presents:
The next day we had some of Anna's friends over for a party. Only two showed up which disappointed me but Anna didn't seem to mind, the 2 that came were the most important to her. We played games and the girls got to decorate their own cupcakes, a huge hit!
Guests, Kylee and Rayanne, decorating.
Lots of fun was had!
The cake! 5, where has the time gone!?!
My Brother, his wife and their son came for a visit the weekend before Christmas. We all had a blast (except for Mike, he had to work) but we didn't do much as it was bitterly cold and thus were house bound.
Jamie and Cam:
My crazy little bro, Rob:
I love this photo!! Cam being tickled by his Mom.
Right before they left Cam fell asleep, the black blur is Rupert checking to make sure Cam was alright.

I made these mini cross-stitch stockings as Christmas gifts.
My girls loved them!
Our Christmas tree:
Notice all the presents and that is only half! We sure got spoiled this year.
Christmas Morning:
Very, very spoiled, each one of us!
Ivy's Birthday
Originally, I didn't plan on doing a party for Ivy's B-day. We girls were going to go see the new Disney movie but that didn't work out. so the night before I scrambled and invited our friends the Davies over for a Pizza/Wii party. It was very relaxed and all had a great time!

Lucas, very focused on the Wii game.
Sean's turn at Wii, Ivy dressed up in princess costume.The Cake, Snow castle!
As you can see the month was jammed packed and there was lots that wasn't photographed. We all have been sick on and off during all that, I dubbed it Merry Sickmas! I loved it all but am thankful its all done with. Now to get life back on schedule!

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