Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Summer so far:

Here's a bunch of photo's from June and July.

Little league baseball, Anna is up front, Ivy is in right field

Ivy running the bases.
The whole team and their coach

The next photos are from Awards Day at school.

Here is Ivy with Big and Little Zoe.
Anna on the playground.Anna and her friend Nikhita
Ivy and her friends, Rayne and Seren, both girls are off to Gr.4.Anna getting her Kindergarten diploma.
Anna and her cousin Sylvia.
The kindergarten class of 2010/11!
Ivy getting the Top Math Award for Grade 2, principle congratulating her.
Ivy after getting the Top Academic Award for grade 2!! See her little grin!

This next bunch is from our Canada Day parade.

Ivy's Friend Jacob. The Japanese Float, with our neighbours.
The Red Hatters, I love the giant hat!
"The Oriental Express" Our neighbour ladies funny float!
Anna, waving the Canadian flag and having a fun time!

Swim Lessons!
The girls had a blast with their Swim lessons, I just wish they weren't so expensive and that we weren't pinching pennies right now.

Ivy is next to the girl in green and Anna is next to Ivy.
Ivy learning to kick on her back. She did not like that.
Ivy in the deep end.
Anna in the deep end.
Anna learning the Doggie paddle.
The last bunch of photos and from this past weekend at the In-Laws.
The girls riding Sonny with Uncle Ben leading.
Posing for the camera.
Anna clinging for life, she fussed for most of the ride.
Ivy climbing out of the pasture...
...and Anna crawling out!
They are too cute sometimes!
Anna is the Queen of the stump!
Klara, Michael, Uncle Frank and Grandma P watching the girls.

And that's it so far...well all I got pictures of. We are planning some camping trips soon so stay turned for more!


Linny said...

What a beautiful horse and how lucky the girls were to be able to experience riding bareback!

german in pdx said...

Beautiful girls, Leslie.

Lovely Leslie said...

Thanks ladies!