Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second part of Summer

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of Summer vacation. How can a lazy summer be so full and busy? I'm going to miss all this free time but all good things must come to an end...
The only thing I wish we did more of was to travel/camp. Too bad Mike's been so busy with work and working on our basement, seems like he's hardly been around.

Ivy spent many a days with her friend Seren, here all three girls are dressed up and showing off toy hamsters.

All summer, on Tuesdays, the girls had library book clubs. One of the topics at Anna's was quilting and she took a great interest in the book, which turned into guilting me into making her a quilt. I didn't have a pattern nor plan, I just started cutting triangles.

All the material was from my scrap bags.

And sewn on my trusty old sewing machine from the 60's

Close up of stitching triangles.

Anna is holding up a triangle "rope"
The girls were put to work cutting apart the "rope"
After ironing the triangle pairs open, I laid out several designs
We chose a layout we liked and started pining and sewing.

Part of the quilt top (laid on another quilt).
The quilt is not finished, Anna lost interest so it got added to the pile of unfinished projects that I hope to get to when the girls are at school.

The girls got a hold of my camera and snapped off these shots of their Doll standing on a table leg...

I cut the girls hair, Anna really suits short hair!

Ivy's cut is cute too but it's hard to tell in this photo, she has been working with Mike in the basement and she is in need of a bath!

Playdoh! It's fun for all ages!
Mike is showing the girls some new techniques!

This summer has been filled with tons of stuff that the camera didn't capture: Camping with my little bro and his family, an overnight camping/birthday party for a friends son, Ivy's first sleepover with a friend, gardening, yard work, fence building, evening visits with neighbors and friends... it goes on and on!

Well, time to put away the laptop and bring out the school supplies, hopefully I bought enough.
Good bye summer vacation, it's been fun!

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german in pdx said...

How fun! Happy first week of school :)