Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School

Well, it's that time again. This year it was a little different than the past few years.
The morning of the first day of school, the girls were excited and I was nervous. Why was I nervous? I'm not quite sure, it could be because of the uncertainty towards Anna's diet or just my unwillingness to accept that my children are growing up! How did they get from being tiny little cuddle monkies who needed me for everything to grade school kids who can reach the tap in the bathroom and ride a school bus and read their own bedtime books... but that feeling didn't last long.
As soon as Ivy entered the school, she turned around and grabbed my hand, buried her face into my side and would not let me take Anna into her classroom. I was flabbergasted, I was expecting Anna to have a melt down, (she didn't want to return to school "I want summer all the time Mom!") but not Ivy, not my big grade 3-er, not the girl who begged for summer school and was dancing in the school supply isle.
We dropped off Anna's backpack and supplies in her room, then we went over to Ivy's classroom, Ivy clung to me the whole time. She would not look nor talk to anyone. Once in the room, Ivy looked around, I pointed out her friends and we found an empty desk. She put on a brave face, fought back the tears and settled in. I escaped into the hall to find Lucus (one of the boys I babysit) bawling his eyes out. I quickly hugged him and dried his tears and took him and Anna back into the other room to find his Mom. I turned him over to Tracy and then Anna and I sorted through Anna's supplies got her settled. Then we hear more criing, this time it's a friend of Anna's, her Mom had left and she broke down. I asked Anna how she was and if I could go to the gym to wait for the assembly. Anna was fine, she wondered off to play. I quietly peeked in on Ivy, she looked sullen and was distracted with her teacher.
As I sat in the gym, I felt relieved. My kids are normal, I did not need to feel nervous. This is the forth time we have done this, we are pros!
The first week of school was great, we all adjusted fine. It's good to be back to routines.

Here are a few shots of the girls on their first day of school!

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Kelly said...

Ivy and Anna look beautiful and ready to take on the world :)