Monday, September 26, 2011


Yup, it was unanimous, I am PAC chair again (...still?) Either way I don't mind, I enjoy the position for the most part, I am good at delegating and organizing everyone, plus I love to know what's going on. What I don't like about the job is being the figure head of PAC and dealing with the School Board, luckily no controversy  has arisen, yet!

I've spent all morning doing PAC stuff: writing letters/emails, making coupons and lists, sorting through supplies for harvest lunch and snack shack, dropping off stuff at the school, talking with principal, more writing emails... now I can take a break and watch the noon news hour. Then I'll check to see if I have reply's to the e-mails and if all is good I  won't have much PAC stuff to do for the rest of the week but that's only if I'm lucky!

New Topic: It's Fall!!
And boy oh boy, Mother Nature sure knows how to switch seasons. We had a huge wind storm on Sunday, power was out for most of the day,  lots of damage throughout town, minor destruction here though. Today it's Cold and Wet! Yup, it's fall.

Blerrg, didn't even get a half hour break, just answered a call from the school... and so it continues.

Happy Autumn everyone!

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