Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post #73~RANT!

I'm getting so frustrated with the financial situation of our world. And it's all the USA governments fault. Well maybe not all their fault but at least 95.78% is their wrong doing! (lol)

It makes me so mad that Canada relies so heavily on the US, I wish our country could be more self-sufficient. Who/what gave the right to them to be so powerful? oh ya, they did.....stupid nuclear bombs.

I don't have anything against the American public just their government and all the billionaire CEO's and Bigwigs. If they would just share half their wealth then this world wouldn't be starving, wasting away to toxic dust.

I am also frustrated that Mike and I can not buy the lot behind us without totally going into debt. 10 years ago that lot would have sold for $10,000 or less, today it's listed at $39,000. It's just a bare lot, no house, no shed, no plumbing - nothing - just a picked fence. We've been wanting to buy since we bought our house, it would be so nice to build a huge shop on it for all mikes tools and toys (and junk) and then my yard would nice and tidy. We could even tear down this house and build our dream home on all 3 lots, a dream come true! But no, not now, not with the unknown financial situation of our nation and the one next door.



Anonymous said...

I wish I could say something to make you feel better... but I can't, I feel the same way you do... Hugs
Nothing but love Lina

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to see if you posted... Have a good day/week... Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey there, this is hwmabire3 from The Parlor. Just wanted to say that I feel the same way. As an American citizen, it is really frustrating that in a financial crisis, the corporations get all the help. All of America is suffering, but the citizens aren't getting any help, just the companies. It's sad, so very sad.