Friday, October 24, 2008

Post 76 ~ New arrival!

My younger brother Rob and his Girlfriend Jamie welcomed their baby boy into the world late Monday night!! Cameron Stewart is a Hefty 10lbs 10oz and after 2 days of labour had to make his entrance via C-section, (poor Jamie, I could not imagine trying to push him out!) Rob is a Proud Papa!

On a sad note though, little Cameron had to under go some genetic testing. The Doctors are concerned about his small facial feature that are squished together. I haven't seen pictures yet but I highly doubt it's anything to be concerned with. Rob says Mom and Babe should come home from hospital this weekend

I'm making a baby Quilt for them but now that I know they had a boy, I'm gonna change it up a bit and make it more masculine. The material I originally bought for the back was pastel green, blue, pink and yellow with flowers and butterflies, I think I will save it for a quilt I want to make for Anna.


Brenda Jean said...

Congrats to everyone:) I sure hope he is okay. Hopefully pictures will be coming soon. I LOVE baby pics!

Anonymous said...

A new baby... How wonderful is that... Congrats to mom and dad... of course everyone else also... You will have to post a photo to let us see too! Hope all is going well... How is Anna doing with her sleep? OH... thought I would let you know that we call them Larch here also 'Western Larch'... they have a few names her...