Monday, October 20, 2008

Post 75 ~ Anna hates to sleep!

Yet again I am frustrated! This time with my daughter Anna. We've been having issues with her sleep schedules from most of a year now. Lately she hates her bed. First it was monsters in the bed, so she spent most of a week sleeping on my bedroom floor, then she spent a week on her bedroom floor when she still refused to sleep in her own bed.

So this weekend I got Mike to dismantle her bed and put her mattress on the floor, the way she has been sleeping for 2 weeks but now refuses to. Currently she is in her room crying and screaming making lots of excuses (my blanket fell off, the door is too closed, the cat came in, I need more blankets, too many blankets etc. etc.) And she is begging to sleep in my bed or the sofa. It's Flippin ridiculous! Mike is so upset, I can't even talk to him without having him snap at me.

Most nights when she does go to bed nicely she ends up getting up several times during the night or up at 6 am (which doesn't jive with us morning haters) On days that she does get up early, like today, she has a small nap which makes her even less tired at bedtime. Which in turn, makes her GRUMPY!!

Oh why can't she be like her sister, Ivy loves to sleep and can't function without 12 hours of sleep. Hmmm I can't hear anything from their room at the moment... only took her an hour to fall asleep hopefully she stay in bed till Mike leaves for work at 7:30am.

Uh oh, was that a whimper......maybe not.... I can't wait till the girls are Teens and they will want/need to sleep in till noon hee hee hee

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Anonymous said...

Little girls... How well I remember the pros and cons... Good luck with the sleeping... Hugs to you and the family!