Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post #74 ~ VOTE!

But for whom?? Today we Canadians go to the polls and decide our future Prime Minister, ug, what a decision. I know I won't be voting for Dion and liberals, he's too wussie. I like the Green Party's ideals but highly doubt they will get the needed votes. Conservatives or NDP.......I don't know! I don't even know who our local reps are, the media has been mainly focusing on the party leaders not their underlings......Oh well I have until this evening when Mike comes home to decide.

We had an alright Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday we went to M&T's for cousin David's 1st birthday, he is cute, so small. Troy says David has lost a bunch of weight these past few months and has to go for a bunch of test, poor little guy.

Sunday was Turkey Dinner as Gramma P's, Mike family was all there. It was nice, Ivy and I were bashing heads again so that kinda spoilt the day. Not much for leftovers, Gramma gave most away to Ben, bah-humbug!

Monday was spent doing housework and cleaning up the yard (which mike mainly did) Mike also spent the day trying to rid Ben's computer of a virus that keeps trying to send it's self to everyone on his MSN list, Very annoying. So that meant that Ben spent most of the afternoon here and bugging me....since he was too stubborn to go outside and help his brother. Arg he makes me so mad! Mike helps him with whatever and whenever Ben wants him but do you think he would help Mike! No that would mean he actually has feels and thinks about someone other then himself! BAH!

Today I went to my Wellness group which ended up being the last for awhile, the lady wants me to come back when she starts it up again as she will be tweaking the program and she thinks I can help co-felicitate. Not to sure about that but I will attend again. Also found out that my councilor is moving on so I get a new case worker.....Yikes, Now I have to open up to someone new and share my story all over again! Maybe I should just show her my blog and she can find out about me that way :D

Time for play group, so that's it for today.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel well about your vote... I do know who I am voting for, just don't know if I am doing the right thing...

Hope you have a wonderful week...