Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family walk with pictures

Even though our family walk cased some strife between Mike and I, the girls did have fun and it was a beautiful day and I took some wonderful pictures! Enjoy!

Rupert playing in the snow, chewing on a 5gal bucket lid (we have to use the lid instead of a Frisbee)

The girls found lots of thing to look at and play with, here Ivy is showing me some twisted branches.

Anna loves jumping in puddles, she is just landing in this shot, notice the water still in mid air (click on picture for larger view)

Here is Mike and Ivy waiting for Anna and I, don't they look happy....

And this is Mike way off in the distance....
The following 3 pictures don't show how amazing our surroundings are: the warm gentle breeze, the twilling of birds in song,

the babbling of the creek, the distance bark of a dog,

the snow melting and dripping running steadily down the layers of rocks.
Everything was filled with sounds and noise but ever so peaceful. Spring is here!

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed viewing the photos... thanks and hugs