Tuesday, March 10, 2009

99 ~ Ivy's weekend

Ivy and I haven't been getting along lately, constatly argueing and making faces at each other...not good. usually when things get this bad I send her to S&K's for the weekend but it doesn't do any good. So I thought it would be better to send Anna off to Grandma's and Ivy and I could have bonding time.

Mike had to work on Saturday (logging truck broke down in the woods) so Ivy and I lazed around for awhile then went for a walk uptown, rented some movies, got some candy from the ol'candy Shoppe, checked the mail and took the long way home. It was nice, not too cold or windy. When we came home we sewed some on her pillowcase quilt and watched her barbie movie.

Later that evening when Mike came home we planned on going to dinner before picking up Anna, but when I called K to let her know, she said no! NO? K wanted to keep Anna another night! Cool! So we went uptown to the new restaurant an paid an arm and leg for a nice but small meal.

Sunday we lazed some more, went and visited the neighbours A&J and borrowed his skates for Ivy to use today at her class trip. I didn't feel like cooking (again) so on the way to get Anna we stopped at the Cafe and had dinner, which was our original plan for Saturday, had a nice big meal for little amount $$. When we reached S&K's, S had called all over the country trying to find us as he and Anna were not getting along, Anna wouldn't listen to him, *surprise, surprise* K said S was grumpy cuz he missed his nap and Anna was just tired and wanted to go home. S makes me soooo mad!

So it was a bit of a grumpy end to a good weekend!

Anna and I off for playgroup, pickup some friends along the way!


Brenda Jean said...

Sorry about the grumpiness:( Emily has been grumpy lately too and tired. I think the time change didn't help, but still... I feel your pain:)

Anonymous said...

Hope all is better now...