Saturday, March 14, 2009

Post 100!

Wow, my 100 post!
Time to celebrate, what would make my blog's 100th post special?

I know New Bunnies!!

Thursday morning while feeding the rabbits I noticed Pinky's nest box had fur in it! and so I gently moved the fur and sure enough there was some warm, wiggling, naked little bodies in there!

Baby Bear and Pinky are proud parents to 9 bunnies, half are solid gray and half are black. Thankfully they are not albino like Pinky, I'm glad Bear's genes are dominate, the pink/red eyes are freaky on the albino rabbits. They are less then 1 day old! I'll be posting more pictures as they grow and change.

Tonight we are going to Mike's friend's surprise party for his 40th B-day. I don't really want to go, as I don't really know what to expect but I shall work past my nervousness and be happy for Mike.

Sunday we are going to my Mom's, Robert and his little family are out for a visit! Mom is planning a big dinner for everyone: Rob, Jamie, Baby Cam, Jen, Murad, Me, Mike, Ivy, Anna and Dad. It will go nice!

Argg, I just looked outside and it is SNOWING! The weather was calling for rain, I was looking forward to rain washing away all this ugly, dirty snow....maybe it'll change in a bit

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allier said...

Awwww! Wow, this brings back memories. I used to raise rabbits-lop eared and Hotots (dwarf ones). We had babies a lot. One time a mama had them on her cold cage floor and we spent 4 weeks feeding them and warming them in the house-they all grew up healthy. I have a dwarf rabbit now who is our special guy-he was a rescue. How sweet :)