Friday, April 3, 2009

Test Results


I almost cried with relief when the nurse told me and the Doctor office! Oh Wow, I have been a nervous wreak all week. I for sure did not want to be pregnant but if I was I didn't know what we were to do, I'm all for woman's choices but for me......not sure what I would have done!

So Negative means I was not pregnant and Nor was my body trying t miscarry. Phew!

But the Nurse did say one of my levels was high and that she couldn't tell me what that means but if the Doc finds that it is important then I'll be called in for an appointment. The Doc hadn't seen the results yet, and I had only stopped in at the office as no one had called me yet. I was anxious for the results!

We are off to Kimberley for the Funeral, In-laws are travelling with us-not our idea! We'll be spending the night in a hotel, visit with Uncle Richie and Aunt Dar before the funeral, then drive home afterwards... going to be a loooong 2 days!


STELLA said...

Stay safe on the trip... Glad for you on the results... Hugs

endrene said...

Hey-- another birth control option that my friend swears by: Nuvo Ring. Ask your doc about it!