Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home again

We are home, Finally! I love visiting with family but to go to Vancouver then the Cariboo then home in 4 days was waaaay to much for this lady!

Came home to find our Kitchen is disarray, at first we thought the cat was bored and decide to trash the place trying to find away out but upon closer inspection found the water shut off and quite a mess around the outside tap. Mike called Neighbour Ed and he said that on Friday, Lanna (his Granddaughter that was feeding our pets) found the tap leaking and quickly got Neighbour Ed to help stop it. Turns out the pipe leading outside had split due to the hose being attached, the tap on full blast and it freezing during the night. We had 3 inch of water in our basement, thank goodness it is still being dug out, the water drained on it's own and did no damage. Mike has spent most of today fixing it: Replacing tap, removing insulation, cleaning and drying wall. He still needs to get a new shut off valve.

A big Thank you to Lanna and Neighbour Ed! Without their help we would have came home to an indoor swimming pool and a HUGE mess!

I'll post pictures and about our trip later, right now I want to relax and clean up (an oxymoron!)


Brenda Jean said...

Wow, thank goodness for good neighbors! When we go away I always have a fear that something like this will happen. Our neighbors check things for us too though, so it makes me feel better.

Aren't you almost MORE tired after a trip? BAHAHAHA

LINA said...

To bad about the pipe... Been there done that...I have always been blessed with great neighbors, glad you have them... Glad you got home safe... I am different than you and most people, I could be gone three days and try my best to do a million and one things... It drives Steve Crazy, that is why most of the time I go alone, don't need that... LOL