Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter has come and gone but I got some cool shots of the family!

Here's Ivy with the Bunny cake we made thanks to Kraft Kitchens, girls loved it!

This is a cute shot of a toy chick, it peeps when held.

Ivy is so happy in the shot and that's before she had any candy!
Girls during the Egg Hunt at Grandma K's

Gr Grandma P helping Anna get eggs out of the tree.
Gr Grandma P and Anna looking on the hill.
Ivy checking out what is inside an egg...Yum, Jelly Beans!
After the Egg hunt, stuffing their mouths with marshmallow bunnies.
Anna and Grandma K's dancing with the sugar high!

Anna petting Spock, Grandpa's cat
Grandpa S and his girls.

And Sunday afternoon with my parents, I cooked a Big Chicken dinner with all the trimmings, Grandma C spoiled the girls with Easter toys.

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STELLA said...

I so miss doing things like that with my girls...Bet you had fun making that cake? I still get to do fun things with the grand-children here and there... The girls look so beautiful and look like their having so much fun...

I have a few sculls and a few back bones... nothing like this though... I think it's a deer...I know, I am a strange ranger... but I just love adding things like that to my garden...