Saturday, December 19, 2009

The busy week is over!

Man oh Man!! What a hectic week it has been.

It started with baking cookies on Friday
Saturday was a relaxing day for the whole family, Rupert and Oscar sleeping together...
... Mike and cuddly little girls.
On Sunday, Santa came to town. Girls and I waiting for him in the hall
First year Ivy wasn't (too) scared of Santa!
..and I want chocolate, barbies, new clothes and...

Monday was busy with baking cookies for the school bake sale.
Tuesday I helped make and serve hot lunch at the school while they practiced for the Christmas concert.
Wednesday was Anna's 4th birthday, we had Mike's Family over for dinner and cake and then we all went to Ivy's concert afterward.
Ivy, Mike's mom and Dad K&S, and Uncle F.
Grandma P, silly B-day girl Anna and Ivy.
This is the stage for "The Pirate's Christmas"
Ivy (center) with her pirate classmates
Both schools (K-3 and 4-7) all together.
Buccaneer Ivy (left)
Ivy's Teacher made a Gingerbread house that was raffled off.
Anna and K watching the raffle
Thursday was the last day of cooking/eating club and we had a cookie exchange. Then Anna and I went to playgroup and made cookies, last playgroup till the new year.
On Friday we had an early B-day party for Ivy and her friends, I thought this cake was fitting the "Pirates" theme!
Ivy and her friends (Anna too), some friends didn't make it but I'm kinda glad because the boys were quite the handful, Ivy told me that next year she only wants to invite girls and I agreed!
Ivy and her best friend Connie.
Today, Saturday, we went to GF and shopped till Anna and Ivy dropped!
Tomorrow we are going to relax!
I am not ready for Christmas, it sure came fast this year but I'm not going to worry about it too much, whatever will be will be!

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