Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So, So Cold!

I curse you Arctic air! -20c this morning, -22c yesterday! Way too cold for December. Hard to believe that we are colder than the northern part of BC, strange how weather works.

We got an estimate for a new furnace, will set us back about $3000 with parts and labour. less then I was expecting, wish we were doing it a few months back and right before Christmas! But that's Mike for ya, procrastinator!

Anna was nice enough to share her cold with Mike and I. I've been having coughing fit's early in the morn, wrecks me for the whole day. Mike just came down with it Sunday, so I guess I gave it to him, can't blame Anna I guess.

Lots of stuff happening at school, hot lunch, bake sale, Christmas concert and I'm in the middle of all of it! No free time for the next week of so. AND the girls Birthday's are coming up....aarrrgg I better feel better soon so I can start prepping! Trying to keep my spirits up but I really wish we could skip Christmas this year, so not looking forward to it....Yet!

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