Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fighting the Winter Blues

This Christmas season has been a hard battle for me, I've been trying to stay positive for my family's sake but yesterday I had a melt down.

It's been a combination of things that have been effecting me. The darker/colder season, being house bound more, an interruption of schedule (no school/work) my free time being invaded, hormones from birth control, the lack of extended family, Anna's regression of potty training, lack of sleep, every second holiday season I'm in the hospital and this is a second year and I'm waiting for something to happen.

Luckily my melt down happened on the day my councilor visits, so she helped me talk things out and then I could talk with Mike about what is happening with me. I knew what has been happening to me and I understand why I feel this way and that is half the battle. I just have to remember to take time for me to do things I enjoy and not worry about the small things: every second year, Anna's potty accidents, and schedule changes. Just breath!

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