Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gyno update & weekend

The histerscopy on Friday went well, uterus is nicely pink and smooth with no abnormalities. Procedure was fairly painless, less then a pap smear....and then the Doc says I need to take a biopsy just to make sure.....OUCH!! Felt like a hard pinch that doesn't let up for 12 hours!! Actually the pain did let up after awhile of sitting around at my Mom's but came back when driving back home, all those twisting corners..... I seem to be recuperating all right, had some spotting and discomfort, feel awfully bloated though, hope that feeling goes away soon.

We went to little cousin Sylvia's 4th B-day party on Sunday. Tons of food, half was good, other half was too strange to try, lol. I always find it strange that no other kids are invited, just my girls and the cousins, All the other guests are 50+

** Vent Warning**
Martha was telling me that Danny has been protecting Ivy at school, defending her against bullys......this was news to me, Ivy usually tells me (tattles) about everything. Ivy said she has no clue what Danny was talking about. Then Monday night Martha calls me to tell me Danny told her that he beat up a kid and he had to go to the hospital and she wanted the teacher's name so she can find out the details. 2 mins later and they call to ask for Principal's #. I asked Ivy what happened at school and she said nothing happened.....Now I'm puzzled! Why is Danny tell these stories and Why doesn't his parent's know his teacher's name nor the Principal's name?? I'm upset that Danny is telling stories about my daughter and I'm curious to know how his parents are dealing with this. He can not continue to tell these tall tales, soon he'll be bold face lieing....actually he does lie and steal but soon he'll be even better at it and be causing huge problems!! Can you say BAD Parents!!!

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