Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pre-Olympic stuff

Life has been busy as the host country and province for the Olympics this year. Our Town has been a buzz of activities leading up to the Torch relay that passed through on Sunday. The schools got a money grant to help them celebrate. They put on a Mock Olympics, The kids were put into groups of 7 and each one represented different countries. Participating in an opening ceremony and sharing in unique chants and songs, learning information on their countries. Ivy was Finland! Then there was a day of sledding(luge), down hill skiing, cross country skiing and snow shoeing, then another day of curling and ice skating. To finish up there was also a closing ceremony, including the Gold/Silver/Bronze podium. Winners were chosen by each groups co-operation and participation and guess which group won gold over all? Ivy's Finland!!!

These two shots of Finland sharing their chant and information of former Olympians from Finland.

This Ivy's group Finland on the Gold Podium!

Sunday afternoon the Olympic Torch came through town. Hear it comes...

.... And there it goes... and about that exciting too, I felt disappointed.

The girls and I going home afterward. Girls wanted to know why the runner didn't stop.
When we got home Ivy and I got dressed for the Soiree, the city put on the celebration.
Don't I look nice! I wore black heal boots too.
The girl across the table took this picture of Ivy and I, I don't know why the quality is so poor...
Ivy and Jacob did a wonderful job singing "Oh Canada" our country's anthem. Everyone thought they were sooooo cute!
The rest are some highlights that I could see from my table, Did I mention that we were 3 feet from the stage and the MC was right beside Ivy the whole night. We got that table so Ivy didn't have to fight her way through the VERY crowded hall to do her part.
Ivy loved the Irish Dancers.

This is Taki, the Japanese dance instructor, doing her solo
It was a lovely evening, Ivy was a great date! We missed the last few performances as it was running late and Ivy had school the next morning. We are all so proud of Ivy, I think I have a future star on my hands!!

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