Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vancouver trip part 2

As promised, here is the rest of our visit to Vancouver or rather our exploration of Bridal Falls. It was a nice warm day but the park was in the shade of the mountain and it was very moist due to the falls and the park being apart of the coastal rain forest. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)
Mike and the girls posing by the sign post.
I loved how tall the trees were and there was moss along their whole length.
On the forest floor were many ferns, these were in the process of uncurling.
The closer we came to the falls, the more little falls there were along the creek.
Mike and the girls (blue things in the middle) were at the top view point while I was just below them... it was a difficult climb for me, the couch potato that I am :D
Another shot of the small falls, it looked like a Dinosaur would come clomping around threw the dense undergrowth...
Bridal Falls!! Over 100 meter drop!
The actual view from the top view point.
Anna and Mike enjoying the view.
Ivy had more fun goofing around on the railings than looking at the falls. A wide angle view of the bottom of the falls, the little falls are on the right.
Family looking at the Falls with the little falls in the background.
On the walk back down the hill, the girls found lots to explore like this rotten hollow stump.
The way back had steps (the path up did not)
lots of stairs...
A close up of the moss on the trees.
Ivy was quite happy on the journey but was sad the maple leaf was brown and not green, lol!
Mike waiting for me to stop taking pictures and to get into the van so we could continue on our way home.
Last but not least, My favorite picture! My happy family on a cool hollow log.

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