Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life is good...

Yup, even with a nasty headache, I can say life is Good!

We've been so busy lately, most of the time it's fun but a little stressful and the rest is dull and mundane but I'm alright with it.

Oh boy do I have pictures to share but I have not had the time/energy to do it yet. Soon!

We've been out every weekend camping in our trailer since we got it! I'm still adjusting and finding things that would make life easier with it but it's 100 times better then tent camping. This past long weekend was sooo cold and it even snowed but it didn't bother us, all snug in our RV! Makes me very happy! and the girls are happy they don't need to use an outhouse, LOL!

This week is supposed to be the last of my babysitting the cousins, I'm so relieved. They are (mostly) good kids but I am not cut out for looking after other peoples kids! I wish that family would get their act together, it would normalize our extended family alot!

Hopefully I'll be getting some free time soon, but it's all GoooooD!

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