Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ivy's baseball

Ivy has been waiting all year for baseball, she loves it!
Each local town has their own team comprised of players from kindergarten, grade 1 and 2. They only play 2 innings and no one worries about strikes or foul balls. It's just to introduce the game to the kids and teach team spirit! We have practice on Mondays and games on Thursdays. Ivy missed the first game while we were in Vancouver and every game since then has been cancelled due to weather and other teams being sick.
Finally she had a game!

Ivy in the out field.
Ivy with her team waiting to bat.
Ivy up to bat, didn't get a good shot of her swinging, coach stepped in the way.
Ivy running for first.
Posing on first.
Running for third...
And running for home, Montana caught up and passed Ivy.
Gramma P came to watch the game, Anna had fun running around with her.
Ivy slid (tripped) into first.
Ivy on Second.
Playing with the pompoms while waiting.
Anna loved playing with the pompoms too.
As did Avneet!
Hopefully we'll have another game before the all day tournament on June 5th.

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