Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take a tour....

...Of my new Trailer!!
For a few years now, we've been thinking about getting a travel trailer. Mike has many memories of camping with his extended family and I have a few memories camping with Nana and Popa, they were always fun times and we wanted our girls to have those memories like that too. So this spring we started looking seriously for the ideal RV. And we found one!
19 foot, Super Sport!
As you enter the door, on the left, is the sofa and folds open into a bed.
Directly across from the door is the kitchen, with a 3 burner stove and oven, double sink and lots of counter space
To the right of the door is the dinette, also folds down into a bed.
The rest of the kitchen, Fridge/freezer and microwave. The dark door in the middle is the bathroom.
The cute bathroom, mini tub/shower and toilet.
Bathroom door open and the bedroom area.
Just in front of the bathroom and across from the bed is the Vanity.
The bedroom area, Double bed with a single bunk and a small clothes closet.
Slightly different angle of the beds, I love all the light from the windows.
A bonus DVD/CD/Radio that's TV ready but we probably won't be getting one, we want the girls to explore the wilderness, not stare at a TV.
The view from the back looking to the front.
And another angle of the kitchen, I love the extra counters, most models this size do not have this much counter!

I have been busy this past week buying and stocking the trailer for our future excursions. Our first will be a "trial" overnight run to a local lake, hopefully we'll learn what we really need for an upcoming family trip to the Hot springs! Mike's Grandma and Uncle have a 5th wheel and we're going to caravan together!
I'm so excited! And the girls can't wait!

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