Monday, June 20, 2011

We are alright

I don't want to write this post but I should get it out.

Last weekend we said good-bye to Rupert. It was specially hard on Mike, I told him I could take Rupert to the vet but Mike didn't want that. He wanted to make sure it was done proper without pain.

Mike chose a lovely spot for Rupert, in the woods on top of a small hill, under a study larch tree, over looking the valley. In the evening Mike drove us girls to the hill so we could plant some flowers, Anna wanted to put rocks ontop and draw pictures with chalk, and Ivy made a headstone. It was hard to walk away.

I think I did most of my grieveing the first month after diagnoses, I feel relieved that Rupert isn't suffering anymore. I do miss having him around, it is very lonely here during the day without anyone, the cat hasn't filled the big shoes of constant companion that has been left for him.

The first 2 days Mike was visably sad and hurt but he seems alright now. It is difficult to tell with him, he hides his feelings too well. He doesn't like the girls talking about Rupert, I don't blame him though. The evening we came back from laying Rupe to rest Mike found this page ( about the type of cancer, it was interesting to read and helped alot.

My friend Sam has offered us one of her dogs, a female French Bulldog. But she is 5-7 years old and Mike wants a puppy. The girls and I have met the dog this past winter and we liked her but Mike hasn't and he seems hesitant to meet her, so I think we will wait. It's only been a week.

So, I will say it again... Rupert I miss you, I love you. You were my first baby, you taught me alot and showed me unconditional love. Enjoy the chase boy, Squirrel!!


Linny said...

So sad and painful. Condolences to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what you are going through. It is good that Rupert is no longer hurting. What a beautiful sounding resting place for him.

Lovely Leslie said...

Thank you for your nice comments :)