Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post#39 ~ Brewery

I have a headache. My house smells of beer. Can you get drunk off beer fumes?

Mike has a new hobby....or maybe obsession would be more accurate....He is making beer at home. I'm not too excited by this as I hate beer. Overwaitea had the kits and stuff on sale so he thought it was a nice time to try his hand at this finicky task. All week long a batch of yeast, water and hops (plus whatever) has been brewing, at first it didn't smell, then after a few days it smelt like fresh bread but yesterday and today it definitely smells like beer. *yuck* Today S&K came over to help bottle his brew, my kitchen was turned upside down: dishwasher was filled with empty bottles, sink filled with "sani brew", siphoning hoses and bottle capper on the floor and counters.....confusion abound! We ended up with 60 bottles and the total est. cost was $60 so that's good, (cheaper then buying form the liquor store) and future batches will only cost $12 or less now that Mike has all this equipment. And as a bonus we can use this equipment to make wine at home too, I saw a kit for Blackberry Merlot (my fav !) and mike says he'll experiment with a wine kit after he does another batch of beer.

My headache is easing off now, thank goodness. So I will blog about how well the beer turns out in 3-5 weeks. My guess is it will still taste like yucky beer, but I will be dreaming of that Merlot!!

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