Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not sure if I mentioned in previous posts that I am back at quilting again, after making that little one with Ivy, the creative juices started pumping through my veins once again. Just the feel of the fabric lifts my spirits. I have decided to make a quilt for Miss Ivy's bed and I'm about half way done the top pattern. So far I only sew when Anna is sleeping or when Mike is distracting the girls (mainly on weekends)I can't sew all day for days on end like I used to, the girls, appointments, and tending house will not allow for it, plus I can't sit still for that long anymore. I have enough fabric for the top and borders, and I have lots of batting but I don't have material for the back, I will have to run to Kelowna when I'm done and find something nice. So far I haven't had to put any money out either, all the fabric was given to me by Mike's Gr.S and his Mom K.

I really wish my friend Marilyn was still around here to help me when I have a problem but instead of running to her I sit down draw out what I want, do some calculating and talk it out with Mike. He's been helpful, he likes to show me how handy he can be with sewing and figuring things out. Sometimes he goes overboard but he means well. He went to Kelowna with his friend Derek last week and I asked him to pick up a new blade for my wheel cutter. They went all over looking for one but finally found out they aren't being produced anymore, so Mike was actually thoughtful enough to buy me a whole new wheel cutter with bonus scissors. Speaking of Mike being thoughtful, Last Thursday when he and Ivy were shopping after gymnastics, they bought me some flowers! And he actually remembered that I like potted plant instead of cut flowers! he's so sweet.... He's probably hoping to get lucky..... or maybe he's finally maturing and realizing I need some gifts once in awhile too.

The girls and I went to Play group today and had a blast but when I came home I felt like crap, low energy, felt like crawling back into bed. Then while making lunch I realized I hadn't taken my anti-depressant yet. After I took it I started to feel abit better, makes me glad I am on them. during the first few weeks of taking them I forgot to take them for 2 days and I had a hard time getting out of bed let alone look after the girls, Thank Goodness Mike was home to help. But I have been wonder how long I'm going to need them and what will happen when it's time to come off them.....I really, truly hope I will feel normal then.

I have a Changeways meeting tomorrow, it will be nice to see the ladies again, I can't believe it's been 2 months since the meetings ended, I hope we all vote to meet on a regular basis, like once a month or something, It was a good group

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