Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post 51 ~ Oscar's week in review

What a long week it has been, I thought for sure my new little kitty was a goner.

As I posted before, Oscar hadn't been eating very much and by Wednesday he had lost alot of muscle tone and was very listless, just sleeping all the time. So I called the vet and took him in on Thursday. Turns out Oscar had a virus from the SPCA and the vet said that he should not have been adopted out. Vet gave Oscar an antibiotic shot and some liquid vitamins (that I have to give him twice a day) and said that is he doesn't start eating by Friday I was to bring him back.

Well Friday comes and Oscar has only eaten a few crumbles. Mike was due home early so I was going to wait for him to come home So I wouldn't have to take both girls to the vets....but Mike never showed up till after the vet was closed. By then I was stressed and feeling very depressed and just couldn't cope. Mike came home to find me hiding under all the blankets on the sofa crying with the girls piling toys on top of me. He grabs the kitten and a syringe and starts pumping him full of milk, we took turns force feeding Oscar every hour that night and every two hours on Saturday. I also mixed some canned food with the milk on Sat.

Sunday morning I gave him a dose then we went to Gr.P's for a BBQ lunch for K's birthday (had a blast, made Mike and his bro Ben help a bunch, usually they just sit and chat but not this time! hee hee) When we came home at 4pm Oscar was meowing like crazy, I didn't have time to force feed him so I just threw a partial can of food from the fridge on the floor while I put everything we brought home away. By the time I was done the can was almost gone! HE ate on his own!! I was completely shocked and so very happy! That night I put another can down and by morning it was gone. He has eaten 3 medium size cans of food in 2 days! Crazy! And he is still demanding more but I am not going to give him more till dinner. He can eat his crumbles if he is so hungry.

He looks so funny right now, all skin and bones and this huge round belly! Like he swallowed a baseball! I'm so happy he is better, he also back to exploring the house and causing mischief. I like having a cat back in the house, but I never realized how stinky they can be. This time around I'm poop scooping and flushing the poop so it doesn't smell too bad, I never did it for Missy, I was too disgusted by it! But I guess I'm growing up and finally realizing that if I don't do it then no one else will.......

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