Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Post #52~thoughts of the day

Mike is coming home!!! He's been gone for 3 days and 2 nights, working out of town(4 hours away) Its been weird around here without him, having him home a month solid then all of a sudden he's back to work full time then he's working out of town for a week, I can't adjust! well I have been adjusting ... very slowly!

I'm starting to make baby quilts for my brothers new arrivals. James and Lisa's babe will be here in August and Rob and Jamie Lee's will be here in mid October! Hopefully another Scorpio!! Chatted briefly with Rob on MSN today ans he sounds very excited and happy that he's gonna be a Daddy! I hope he's ready for the change though!

We take Anna to the surgeon on Friday to see if her Lipoma (lump on her side) warrants surgery or not.....I'm so nervous! AAAHHHH MY BABY! (I'm screaming in my head, if I actually do it the girls will think it's a game and scream too) As aunt Kory has been telling Mike this week "Positive Thoughts" I'm thinking and hoping for the best!! AARRRRHHHHH!!!

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STELLA said...

I am keeping positive thoughts for you too... I do hope all turns out and does not warrant surgery... Hugs to both of you...BTW... good news on Oscar...