Monday, June 16, 2008

Post 53~Opps! :(

OPPS!! I feel like a real crummy daughter, I forgot Fathers day. I didn't call either of my Dads, I didn't get them cards or nothing. But at least I wasn't the only one that forgot, Mike forgot his Dad too....and that also means I forgot to get Mike anything too, shoot! What a pair we are!

Happy belated Father's Day!! Sorry!

We met with Dr.O, the surgeon from Trail, in GF on Friday. He seems concerned about Anna's lump, he feels it is not Lipoma. Lipoma is very rare for children and the size is VERY large for the size of person it is on. He wants to run more tests, make sure there is nothing else hiding in the lump that we can't feel, like cancer. Ideally a MRI would be performed but because Anna is so young there is no way for her to stay still enough for one without going under a full anaesthetic (sp?) which the Doc does not want to do. So the next option is a CT scan, we have to go to Trail on Thursday for that. We have to arrive a few hours early so that Anna can have a dose of some kind of sleep aid so she will be more willing to lay down. We still have no clue if this lump is connected to Anna's Galactosemia but Dr.O is calling Children's Hospital to talk with the Metabolic Unit to find out more info. Mike and I are very pleased with this surgeon, we were so worried he'd cut and ask questions later but thankfully he is looking at all options and answers before cutting!

I'm kinda sad right now, an older man in town has lost his battle with cancer, his memorial was today but I didn't go. Ken (aka Whiskers) always gave the impression of a grumpy, dirty old man but once you talked with him you'd realize that was all wrong. He was very nice, always had a kind word and helped everyone he could! He will be missed.

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Thanks for the advice for bloody noses! I will try it! :)