Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 58~ Ivy and the beasts

Last Sunday (a week and half ago) coming home from Osoyoos over the Anarchist mountains we only had Ivy with us as Anna was being babysat by S&K. So we decide, or more like Ivy and I convinced Mike, to stop at all the statues to have Ivy's photo taken with them. All the new/future developments on the mountain have put up statues at the start of their roads. So here they are:

Ivy at Blacktail Road

Bull Moose Drive, I also have a photo of Ivy picking Moose's nose hee hee

I think this one was Eagle Ridge

Cougar Drive, this one was on a steep hill so Mike took Ivy up. He tried to get her to sit on it's back but it was too hot.

I think this was Red Hawk something or other....

Ivy was very nervous about this Sasquatch

When we picked up Anna and Rupert from S&K's, Anna did not want to go home with us, she wanted to stay with Gramma. So in the car she cried and cried till I whipped out the camera and told her to *smile* then everyone was full of giggles.

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STELLA said...

I want to visit this... guess I will have to put it on my list of things to do...