Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post #62 ~ Music influence

I have always loved music, all music, all genres. I find if I'm getting really low, I haven't been listening to much. The radio is always on in the Van whether it's the Rock station or the Sesame Street Gang.

I've been tempted to add one of those music players to my blog but I find they are annoying when you are trying to read plus it makes a blog slow to load. BUT if I did have a player the song that would be playing is Katy Perry ~ I kissed a Girl. First heard it on So You think You Can Dance http://www.popcrunch.com/katy-perry-so-you-think-you-can-dance-video-i-kissed-a-girl/and totally related to it. Yes I have kissed girls before and Yes I liked it, doesn't make me gay but it did make me wonder if maybe I was bi, nothing ever went beyond kissing and Mike doesn't have to worry about me running off and leaving him for a Girl. Wish this song was out when I was a teen, would have helped ALOT!

This morning I watched some music videos on MUCH but was very disappointed, the channel has changed so much these past few years, more talk and not enough videos. I find myself watching MUCHMOREMUSIC (MMM) more as the years go on, it is geared toward more mature audience but I never really considered myself part of that genre but I guess I am. Love they retro breaks it has, some of the videos are from my preteen years which is slightly depressing to think the music I grew up to is Retro! I'm only 28!!

Everyday the girls and I sing nursery rhymes and some of the girls favorite kid shows are the ones based around music (Hi-5, Dora). I catch Ivy dancing to music in commercials or nodding along to rock songs in the van, I think she has my (and Mike's) love for tune-age!

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endrene said...

Hello, Lovely Lady! Thanks for checking in to my blog once in a while and leaving your thoughtful little notes. The kid who nailed his finger was alright-- though they pulled the nails THROUGH his finger to get them out! Ewww...

Hope you and the fandamly are having a great summer-- let me know when you'll be in the Lower Mainland with Anna-- I would love to meet up!