Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 59 ~ Wind storm

We had one heck of a wind storm yesterday. The north wind hasn't blown this hard for 6 years but luckily didn't do too much damage as that last time!

One of our Rabbit hutches was blown over, it was flipped right on to it's roof, luckily all 3 rabbits seem to be alright. There is a bunch of Spruce branches and cones all over the yard, spent all morning raking and cleaning up. I had my laundry on the line when the wind first started and some of Ivy's shorts are missing. Luckily that's all that happened to us.

The neighbours tree is half uprooted, Mike will help Ed cut it done for him this weekend. Irene's phone line was disconnected by the wind and the repair man won't be out to fix it till Tuesday, she's very upset. We were also lucky at this end of town, we didn't lose power(just flicked on and off a few times), north end of town did without for +6 hours. We did lose our TV and Internet cable from yesterday afternoon till just before noon, that was frustrating, I missed the result show for So you Think you can Dance.

Elsewhere in town, trees are down and temporary tarp Garages were blown away and a few older sheds have been knocked down. The Mayor's house had a tree fall on it but she is out of town right now and doesn't know about it. Hardy's store lost some tin roofing as did Gramma's I think. The Fire Department was called out 5 times during the storm, mostly about trees falling but one person's fuse box was smoldering, no clue why. I'll probably hear more as the day goes on....

Also this morning the temp was hovering around 1-2C, I was worried I'd lose my veggies in the garden but everything seems OK. Mike said that he heard the Big White pass had snow yesterday evening.

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STELLA said...

We live with the wind all the time due to living at the top of the ridge... When we get a wind storm it's bad... I know what it's like... though we have not had that kind of damage in almost a year, last Autumn it knocked down part of our fence...