Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post #60~Life is busy!

Oh so very busy! but nothing ever seems to get done.... Where do I start...

Ivy has been going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week. Yes I know, I, the atheist let me kid get relig-i-fied (my own word) I have said right from the start that I'd let my children choose their own way through life, I will guide but not force them, I want them to be open to everything and if for them that means the church, temple or even a cult then that is their right! OK, back to the topic at hand: VBS, Ivy loves it, she comes home with tales of singing and playing, puppet shows and crafts and yummy snacks, so it's all good. It runs from Tuesday to Saturday of this week, all morning long, our neighbour and friend Ardena is taking her son Jacob, Ivy and friends Luke and Olivia, they are all 4 years old. How she can handle all those kids is beyond me! Yaa for her!

Mike and I took Oscar to the vet yesterday (again). For a few weeks he's had a bone sticking out by his stomach, I thought maybe Anna had broken something while carrying him. Turns out he has a wonky Zyphiod that isn't uncommon but not much we can to about it unless he has surgery to remove it, which is not going to happen. As a bonus the Vet de-wormed Oscar and didn't charge us at all for the visit, very cool! We will be taking Oscar back there is 3 months to get his nuts chopped.

Mikes been working off and on lately, mostly working at the shop helping to fix his buncher, it's getting an overhaul. He was working in woods on an excavator but he cracked the Boom while trying to put a track back on someones machine so that has to go get welded on too. We never know when he'll be working or not though, it makes it tough to try to plan to get away for a vacation/trip to visit friends and family.

Children's Hospital (BCCH) called to set up appointments for Anna, so we are going to the coast the last week of August. So far she will be seeing: Biochemical Disease unit (such a horrible name), the Dietitian, Social worker and a surgeon for a consult on her Lipoma. Hopefully we can arrange time to visit the Cariboo before or after Vancouver. And hopefully J&L's baby will be born so we can visit the newest family member!

My parents are moving tomorrow, Whaaaa. This will the farthest I've ever been away from my Mother. I know I don't visit them often but I still feel sorry for myself that they are gonna be more then 10 hours away. That means to visit ANY of my parents I'll have to travel at least 7 hours. That sucks! At least there is the Internet and phone!

I've finished sewing the main tops for J&L's baby quilt and Ivy's quilt. I just now have to figure out borders and put them together. Ivy's will be on hold for awhile though, I don't have all the material needed/wanted to finish it.

This past weekend was Founders day for our little city, it's 111 years old. At the festivities there was a petting zoo and at the end of everything the rabbits were given away. Mike scooped up the last of them, we now have 3 new rabbits, 2 males and 1 female. they are completely white with pink/red eyes, YUCK, I truly do not like that but I will get used to it. The female is named Pinky and the males are Freddy and Joe: named after my saying "Ready Freddy? Lets go Joe" The girls love it when I say that when we go anywhere in the car. We have already breed Baby Bear(all Black) with Pinky in hopes of having some mixed colours in the babies.

There is probably more I should blog about (like the pesky Deer) but it will have to wait for another day. Anna just realized her sister is gone (for over an hour) and she is demanding my attention


STELLA said...

The girls used to go to VBS... They loved it, in fact when they were here they couldn't believe that I still to this day use the book marks they made ... they saw them in my garden books... Wish I was going to the coast with you... my favorite spot to be... AHHHHHHHHH, the long legged rats... hope they leave you alone, the damage they did here due to me forgetting to close the gate... shaking my head at my self...

Brenda Jean said...

We haven't done VBS yet-- I was thinking about it. My daughter is 8 and her brothers are gone this week-- she's been following me EVERYWHERE-- I can't even go the bathroom without her being outside the door. I feel like she's a toddler again. LOL We are having fun with crafts though this week. Do you keep your rabbits in a shelter in the winter?