Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post # 77 ~ Halloween

Well, Halloween has come and gone and it was too fast. The girls and I carved these Pumpkins, they drew the faces and I cut, mine is in the middle. I also roasted the seeds. While the girls were horking out on candy I bought out the seeds and they actually dropped the candy and went wild eating the seeds!!

The Girls had a blast, Ivy said it her "best-est day ever". Ivy was a Princess and Anna was a Frog (we put a tutu on her and called her a Frog Princess)

Even though we all had a blast this Halloween there was a few things that put a damper on my and Mike's fun. It started on Thursday soon after Ivy got picked up by the bus, I got a call from the school saying they found nits(lice eggs) on Ivy's hair. One of her classmates got the lice and her Mom called the school and the school did an inspection and Ivy was the only other kid to have them. I was so embarrassed and upset, I was crying when I picked Ivy up from school. Luckily Michelle was there and calmed me down and told me what to do and showed me what I was to look for. She also looked through Anna's hair and thankfully nothing was to be found on her. So I washed Ivy's hair with special shampoo and combed it with a nit comb (a long tiring job) and found about 6 lice and a bunch of eggs. I also washed every blanket and pillow that she has contact with (everyone in the house) and stuffies and clothes, it took me Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday all day, and most of Saturday. I haven't folded everything yet, most is piled up in my bedroom waiting. I did another inspection of Ivy's hair today with the nit comb (took us 1 1/2 hours) and only found 1 immature louse and about 2 doz nits, mostly dead. So now we only have to wash her hair with the shampoo on Wednesday and hope they don't come back. Michelle also said that a drop on tea tree oil once a week will help prevent lice, I've put some on hair and after Ivy is finished I'll do it with her too.
The other sad thing that happened was that Pinky had her batch of bunnies but being that this was her first she didn't seem to take care of them and I found them dead all over the her cage. She had 6 nice and big grey and black babes. The good part in all of this, we now know our stud (Baby Bear) still is studly and Pinky carries young to full term! Hopefully she'll figure out how to care for bunnies the next time we breed her.

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STELLA said...

The girls are adorable... That happened to us years ago when Holly was in Kindergarten... Upset me also...

So sad about the bunny's...