Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a break through this morning, a realization about the problems/fight that I am having with my Bro-in-law(BIL) While I was making lunch, I remembered that I have to contact my Brother and his Girlfriend (JL) to see if we left a knife and avocado behind and that made me think of the nice visit I had with them. JL and I have the same sense of humour - sarcastic and cynical - and we get a long great. JL commented that she might of offended my Sis Jen during their last visit when she (JL) was talking about my other Brother and his GF because Jen didn't get her humour. And that's when it hit me, BIL doesn't understand my humour, he doesn't know ME! No wonder he thinks I'm judgemental, it's because I'm sarcastic and come across that way when someone doesn't know that about me! It explains a lot, but he is still a Prick! :D

I promised pictures of our Vancouver trip but they will be delayed for a little longer, I had the camera but no cord, then I had the cord but no camera and now I have neither. Oh well!

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LINA said...

My humor too is sarcastic and cynical, so many people through the years have taken me wrong... I have learned to live with it... Have a good day... That Moose was taken on the plot next to ours... Snow has been gone a few days, hope it stays gone...