Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anna Update

Anna's surgery area did fill up with more fluid but we did not take her to the hospital, Mike wanted to see what would happen a day or 2 more. It seems to have peaked Tuesday night and is slowly reducing in size! Maybe the Doc's were right this time around....Hopefully it will continue to decrease and that will be the end to the Lump issue! Fingers crossed!

Ivy had a Softball game Tuesday in Midway and another one tonight in RC. The kids are getting better at the game but the heat/sun is killing them while out in the field. When we play home games the sun is already behind the mountain and they love it! I think Ivy will play ball next year too. we have one more home game then a tournament in RC in early June.

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LINA said...

Fingers crossed here also, how is she doing now? My girls used to love their base/soft ball games...